Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Thanks everyone

Hey, thanks to everyone for buying my latest zines and all the rad feedback. I have now sold out of She Loves Me issue two and Untitled zine. But if you are in Melbourne head down to Sticky and grab a copy there, as I have sent a few copies of each zine down there.
The good news is im currently working on issue three which should be ready in time for this years MCA zine fair in sydney. I have alot on between now and then which includes getting married to my sweetheart, tons of uni work and the very exciting Semi-Permanent in April, as well as setting up regular zine events in Canberra.
In the meantime if you would like to contribute to issue three just email me.

1 comment:

ben said...

i was lucky enough to find a copy at sticky here in melbourne enjoyed having a flick through on my way home.